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Common distractions for semi-truck drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semi-truck drivers spend more time on the road than most other drivers across the country. Unfortunately, this increased time spent driving also leads to an increased risk of accidents. While distracted driving is a serious concern for drivers in any kind of vehicle, distractions for semi-truck drivers can lead to devastating consequences.

Understand the most common types of distractions for CDL drivers so that you know what to look for after an accident.

Electronic devices

Technology has taken over many aspects of daily life, including information transmission and route mapping for semi-truck drivers. Unfortunately, the driver information centers, dispatch panels and digital logbooks can take a driver’s attention from the road and lead to potential accidents.


Truck drivers face immense pressure to meet deadlines and make deliveries as scheduled. Sometimes this means pushing their body’s limits and driving fatigued. Fatigue increases the risk of accidents because it slows driver response, which can be dangerous in a vehicle that already responds slowly. Electronic logbooks can help you determine if the driver exceeded their permissible driving hours, though they will not indicate if a driver failed to get adequate rest.

In-cab activities

Eating while driving, adjusting the radio, using the CB or even having a pet as a traveling companion can all distract a CDL driver from the road. Driver inattention leads to more than 5% of all fatal semi-truck accidents.

Recognizing and addressing distractions is a crucial step toward promoting safety on the highway. Consider these potential distractions as a factor if you experience an accident with a semi-truck driver.