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For more than 20 years, attorney Mark Gallagher has protected the rights of the seriously injured. Since opening our office in 2009, he has built our firm in order to focus on client results and the delivery of personalized legal representation.

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You Deserve Legal Representation Custom Tailored To Your Needs

Our guiding principle is to provide you with legal representation that is (1) informed by experienced legal judgment and (2) responsive to your particular circumstances. We know every case is different because every person is different.

With over two decades of experience, attorney Gallagher knows how the personal injury system works. Further, he understands how to advise you proactively regarding your options depending on the nature of your injury, what judges or opposing counsel may be involved and what insurance company is dealing with your case.

To deliver that level of representation to you, attorney Gallagher handles your case himself. He does not hand your case off to an attorney-in-training or to a legal staff. When decisions on your case need to be made, you can rest easier knowing you are being advised by the attorney you hired and no one else.

We provide you these services compassionately. We know you are facing difficult times, so we take the time to listen to you and to help you choose wisely from your legal options.

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