Legal Representation For Residents And Visitors With Serious Injuries

Helping People Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people come to see me at The Law Office of Mark Gallagher after they have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. They come to me because they want to know what their rights are and have questions about topics such as personal injury protection benefits, legal responsibility for the accident, and the “tort threshold” for making a bodily injury claim. I provide clarity, guidance and skilled representation.

My work includes the representation of people involved in car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. In many cases, I work with people who want to protect themselves and their families and who feel dissatisfied with the approach of the insurance company handling their situation. If you have that feeling, I understand and want to help.

Pursuing The Financial Recovery You Need

If your injury has forced you out of work, you are undoubtedly facing financial distress, including even the inability to put food on the table. Further, the bills are stacking up, medical and otherwise.

I will work on your behalf to maximize the financial recovery available to you under the law while also helping you gain access to the health services you need. You can rely on me to sort out these confusing financial and insurance issues for you.

You will be able to rely on me with confidence. I bring years of experience to bear on every case – including experience as a lawyer for insurance companies, which means I know what to expect when navigating insurance matters. Put simply, I know how the personal injury system works and how to put it to work for you.

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Learn more about the benefits of working with a proven legal ally on your motor vehicle accident case. Call me today at 808-535-1500. You can also reach me online. From my office in Kailua, Hawaii, I represent injured clients statewide as well as visitors to the islands who got into accidents in Hawaii.