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What Is Auto Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance ?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury protection or PIP insurance coverage acts as no-fault medical coverage available to the insured, occupants of the insured vehicle and pedestrians, who are injured in the operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle. PIP provides a minimum of $10,000 for medical treatment which is appropriate, reasonable and necessary. A PIP claim is made by completing an application for PIP benefits which can be obtained from the insurance company for the vehicle in which the person was a passenger. PIP coverage is primary, so it pays the medical bills first, even though the injured person may have health insurance through a health insurer, Medicare, Medicaid, or Quest. Health care facilities may submit a claim to the PIP insurance company to recover the cost of care. Generally, after the PIP insurance has run out, the health insurer will pay for further necessary care. PIP provides a modest amount of chiropractic treatment which is limited to the lesser of 30 visits at no more than $75 a visit, plus no more than 5 x-rays at no more than $50 each, or treatment defined by the Hawaii State Chiropractic Association guidelines. Some insurers provide an option to purchase PIP coverage through a managed care plan which may include additional conditions and limitations to coverage, including deductibles.