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The dangers of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving poses a serious risk to all who share the road. It also includes many distinct behaviors, all of which reduce attention and increase the risk of accidents.

Having a better understanding of driving distractions can help you avoid negligent drivers, while also reducing problematic behaviors of your own.

Decrease reaction time

Driving while distracted greatly reduces your reaction time. When a driver divides their focus between the road and other distractions, their ability to respond quickly to unexpected situations becomes compromised. For instance, a split-second delay in braking or swerving to avoid an obstacle can result in a serious accident.

Diminished awareness

Distracted drivers often fail to maintain awareness of their surroundings. Whether it is texting, talking on the phone or adjusting the radio, these activities divert attention away from the road. As a result, a motorist may not notice vital cues, such as traffic signals, pedestrians or other vehicles.

Impaired decision-making

When driving, you regularly need to make split-second decisions to avoid road hazards and unexpected events. With driving distractions, the likelihood of accidents increases because drivers cannot make decisions quickly.

Legal issues

Apart from the personal toll, distracted driving can also result in legal consequences. Drivers caught engaging in distracting behaviors can face fines, license suspension and increased insurance premiums. These penalties serve as a deterrent but often come too late to prevent accidents.

As explained by Forbes, distracted driving behaviors contribute to 9% of yearly motor vehicle fatalities. As a result, all drivers must conduct themselves responsibly behind the wheel to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of others.